Book Review: I And The World Through My Eye | Rohit Sood

I And The World Through My Eye:

A Compiled Journeyed Experiences of an MBA Youngster!

Howdy Readers’ Community!

My today’s post is a review on the book based on experiences and life lessons learned therefrom being in personal and public life authored by an MBA graduate, Rohit Sood, co-authored by Syed Tabrez Hassan.

The author journeys one through several experiences right from the inception of his being at Alma Mater for Post Graduation course, MBA. As he progresses in the days ahead, he narrates experiences of his real-life incidents both at a personal level and university as a student.

First and foremost, his exquisite, precise narration of experiences as an MBA student unfolds the intricacies one has to undergo through throughout the two-years course without denying the fact that seminars, several recurring presentations are an integral part of such a rigorous course. Therefore, the experiences of his narration are an all-rounder journey that every MBA students perhaps, every student pursuing any course face day in and day out, then be it experience encountered amidst the premises of the institute; with Teachers or Guests during class and seminars;  with the students- classmates, seniors, and juniors. Those minute details, no matter how trivial they may seem but are always ignored and abandoned.

However, the Author teaches his Readers through his own personal understanding of every encounter from a higher and a deeper perspective and observation.

Moreover, the experiences of the Author at meetings, seminars, guest lectures are incredibly awe-inspiring. Those words through lectures that your own Gurus had in the past injected you with the spark of motivation and inspiration. Similarly, here in this book, you will find yourself placed at his position as a student once more rejoicing the teachings of the learned Gurus/Teachers.

Additionally, personal experiences being part and parcel of our daily life, Rohit Sood adds a creative humorous, and imaginable tinge to his own stories. And they’re undeniably amazing and authentic adventurous events you shouldn’t miss at all! So also, if you happen to approach any senior to seek life experiences as a student, I would say, approach the Author! He will guide you through.

Lastly, my Five Key Takeaways from the Book…

1) Planning is the fundamental necessity without which life is like a “Ship without a Radar” leading one to no definite destination/path. That is, one needs to have a well-planned schedule in hand that daily leads to a particular dream goal.

2) Valuing Ethics is another significant moral principles that every individual living in a society should live by. Mere conduct of work for money is unethical and selfish demeanor for one’s own living.

3) Strangers aren’t aliens from another world! As has been quoted in the book, “Strangers are friends you have not yet met”. How thoughtfully and beautifully the line has been put forth by his Guru?! We may not know but the stranger/s, you and I see today, might well become our intimate friends tomorrow.

4) There are always alternative ways to circumstances/situations. It’s a matter of perspective and finding solutions.

5) Learning! A definite gateway to infinite wisdom and unerring part of every human life. Not just books… But, we learn through people, failures called experiences that too not just by mere instant judgment, rather, we inculcate the ability to see through the things by “Why they are?” and not just “What people/things are?”

All in all, the Book, “I and the World through My Eye” is a comprehensive detailed journey that’s inspiring and worth reading. The author’s content kept me glued to his amusing, priceless stories. And nevertheless, if you’re a student just like me, the experiences of the author wouldn’t fail to inculcate in you the thrive and passion for your own goals.

The Book has immensely served my purpose on being an impactful student and the ethics that I must adhere to being part of society.  Regardless of the fact that Rohit Sood shared his own experiences, however, he proved and acted as a ‘Medium’ bringing me home all the Gurus for “Success Mantras or Tips” at my own personal comfort zone.

About the Author…

Rohit Sood aspires to provide hope and inspiration to people by sharing his life experiences through writings and even by actions personally. He holds an MBA graduate from Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, and currently works at Relationship Manager.

Being an enthusiastic writer and self-inspiration seeker, he writes on several platforms such as Blogs, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

His urge to experience and learn new things in life is clear evidence of his being optimistic and cheerful. Keeping these in mind, he aims and wishes that his writings and personal coachings help people stay inspired and hopeful about their life.

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